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Back again using openwrt

 Back again using openwrt

Back again using openwrt for internet connection is caused by using a 4g modem without wifi. Previously, plug it directly into the PC error because it uses Windows 10, it is damaged and can't autorun.

Find a solution to find drivers and firmware, the beginning is still a problem because there are no drivers that are read by the Windows OS. Looking again to find the updated driver, the driver is also quite legible.
Do not think long, directly give the firmware (have previously still used a 3G modem), hope that the process is the same, the process runs and is complete, so the 4g modem can be used successfully again.

Happy but unfortunately the quota if only used alone, finally shared using a usb router with modem support.

For several months there were no problems but Windows Update leveled up, another problem arose even though the modem still worked if it was plugged into the USB.

Trying to make the wifi connection work again, remembering the 3G era there was OPENWRT even though the HG533 router was really old.

Live Test ..... There are no problems with internet connection plus wifi functioning again, even though the speed router is far behind in the present era.

Happy networking.

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Make fonts with fontself fonts editor is really easy to use. Try to make character from a - z and A - Z.
Then you can add some characters to button on the top at application. Remember to group or union your character type before, make sure you adding 26 characters to get automatic insertion and click the buttons.

Now see you have got the character on the placement. Reload again to the other characters. And now have abjad's standards character, try to type something in box.

Ok, you have fonts your own now. Try to make names of your fonts to save and install.

It's simple........

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Font Skill Idea

Back to blogging,Now try to build a blog to adapt keep up with the developments in the present. Little skill is only mediocre design. Have tried to the best marketplace very suit for adapt well received. As a result comes the idea of walking slowly begins with becoming an affiliate first.
Developments now have made many tested professionals can grow rapidly, it will be difficult for beginners to pursue them.

Some new preparations are few that can be prepared. Inevitably, yes have to be patient. It looks like now "I am just a newcomer".

Mockup Creative Market

Mockup needs are available in the media at this time, so that time to complete the work can be minimized. However, don't also depend on the existing facilities, it is better to be filtered first to choose and some to do it yourself.

Reference :

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Detailes :

The Digital Mockup 1 Scene is a photo-based scene creator featuring natural sunlight – ideal for creating photorealistic multi digital devices mockups with a casual, minimalist vibe. Using smart layers, you can easily swap out your own designs and imagery with just a few clicks.

Here's what is included

    1 Premade Mockup Scenes (PSD files)
    High Resolution (30cm x 21cm / 300dpi)
    Smart Objects
    Help file included

Please Note

    Editable text and photographs featured in the design previews are not included in the download.
    After purchase, please carefully read the Instructions file for using the kit.

Other options

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