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Title description, May 2, 2016


Back again using openwrt

 Back again using openwrt

Back again using openwrt for internet connection is caused by using a 4g modem without wifi. Previously, plug it directly into the PC error because it uses Windows 10, it is damaged and can't autorun.

Find a solution to find drivers and firmware, the beginning is still a problem because there are no drivers that are read by the Windows OS. Looking again to find the updated driver, the driver is also quite legible.
Do not think long, directly give the firmware (have previously still used a 3G modem), hope that the process is the same, the process runs and is complete, so the 4g modem can be used successfully again.

Happy but unfortunately the quota if only used alone, finally shared using a usb router with modem support.

For several months there were no problems but Windows Update leveled up, another problem arose even though the modem still worked if it was plugged into the USB.

Trying to make the wifi connection work again, remembering the 3G era there was OPENWRT even though the HG533 router was really old.

Live Test ..... There are no problems with internet connection plus wifi functioning again, even though the speed router is far behind in the present era.

Happy networking.
Girl Hat

More Hats! I am crazy about hats these days.


Title description, April 23, 2016
Men in Hats

Hats! The trend this summer is hats for men!

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